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Featured Story

Brad Pitt
by Barney Battles
From Humble origins in small-town Oklahoma and Missouri, Brad Pitt is arguably the definition of A-list actor. He is already considered a screen legend, and commands respect from audiences and critics alike. With Ridley Scott`s "The Counselor" in theaters now, and the highly anticipated "12 Years a Slave" soon to follow in January, the superstar`s resum seems to be aging as gracefully as his rugged looks.

William Bradley Pitt was born on the 18th December, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma. As a Sagittarius in the Chinese year of the Rabbit, he would have soon grown restless with his small-town surroundings, and begun to dream of something bigger. But it would be years before the explorer in him finally won out.

True to Sagittarean form, Pitt made a last-minute, seemingly irrational decision that set the wheels of destiny in motion. With only two weeks to go at the University of Missouri, on the verge of graduating with a degree in advertising, he abandoned the program and took off for Los Angeles. The idea of settling into an ordinary life is not easy for a Sag to swallow, and will often send them running for the hills. But Hollywood was more than that for the young Brad. He had a passion for films, describing them as "a portal into another world for me." His Sagittarian spirit had a thirst for exploration, and Hollywood represented all the uncharted territory he could ever want. Nine times out of ten, when faced with a choice between a sure bet with average gains and a longshot with a big potential payoff, Sagittarius will take aim for the stars.

Brad Pitt was now in Hollywood, but there was a problemso were hundreds of other good-looking actors with dreams of making it big. So what did Brad do? He started at square oneacting lessonsand began clawing his way up. It`s a process that virtually every actor has to endure, but not every actor is equipped with a Capricorn moon. This handy astrological component gave Brad emotional toughness and stoic determination. Rejection would have left him completely un-phased as he marched steadily toward his goal. He patched together a resum of small roles in TV and film, waiting for his moment. When a slightly larger role in the 1991 film Thelma and Louise exposed wider audiences to his acting talent and overwhelming sex-appeal, the writing was on the wall. Brad`s days as a struggling actor were over.

But can anyone be young, rich, famous and gorgeous without paying a price? Pitt`s astrological signature set him up for an interestingsome might say unstablelove life. His Chinese sign, the restless and fickle Rabbit, exacerbated the wandering qualities of Sagittarius. The media showed no mercy.

First came the Libra, a young Gwyneth Paltrow who was also a rising star. The pair almost made it down the aisle, but Sag and Libra are both fond of keeping their options open (as is Rabbit), and the engagement was broken off.

The Aquarius, a stunning young Jennifer Aniston, succeeding in putting a ring on Brad Pitt`s finger, but later reports hinted that she was too cool and detached (flagship Aquarian traits) for the relationship to work. It was the GeminiSag`s oppositethat finally won him over for good. The intense chemistry of this opposition is what made their film Mr. and Mrs. Smith sizzle. It`s also what made them irresistible to one another off-screen. But why did this relationship last, instead of fizzling out like the others? It could be that Angelina`s emotional style is easier for Brad to comprehend. His Capricorn moon is no fan of messy, unpredictable emotionsit prefers things neat and direct. Angelina`s Aries Moon makes her emotional style as direct as they come. Her own colossal status in the film industry also helps to pacify Brad`s restless, roving nature. Finally, she shares her husband`s Chinese sign of Rabbit, so they know how to give each other plenty of space when needed.

As Brad turns 50, he appears to be more relevant than evernot only in the world of entertainment, but of humanitarian causes. Besides supporting the ONE campaign to against AIDS and poverty, he founded the Make it Right Foundation, which operates in the field of sustainable building. Brad and his wife also have their own charitable foundation to aid humanitarian causes throughout the world. No doubt, his Sagittarian-Rabbit combination always has him looking for fresh angles and ways to be inspired. Having reached the heights of the acting profession, he once again seeks to break new ground as a humanitarian.

So how far could Brad Pitt go as he matures? Public office? President? Stranger things have certainly happenedbut with a psychic signature as creative and restless as his, it`s far more likely that he will continue explore daring new roles on-screen, while using his global stature to do all the good he can.
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